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I am desperate to finish my manuscript.

So I have no time for blogging!

But because I care so deeply about your blog-reading happiness, I am helpfully providing lots of good stuff for you. Content! Get your content right here!

First of all, the hammy and talented Josh Berk celebrates the release of his debut novel in this video. I grinned the whole time I was watching it … how can you not? Since it’s not yet midnight here, this is STILL HIS RELEASE DAY on the West coast. I’ll bet he’s still buzzing. Happy Book Birthday, Berk! Or as Saundra Mitchell calls him, “Kittenface.”

I’m excited to read his book, especially with the glow of this starred review shining from it: "A genre-bending breakthrough that teens are going to love." 
 — School Library Journal, January 2010

Next up, the delightful Stephanie Perkins recently conducted a very scientific experiment about the nature of attraction and pair-bonding among Homo Sapiens.

Okay, not really. She hosted a contest on her blog for people to list their favorite romantic scenes in books or movies.

She ended up with 265 entries!!! Wow, people seem to like romance. Who knew?

I surrendered to my inner Valley Girl and described a scene from that classic movie (I saw it at an impressionable age) which has always stayed with me. No, it’s not on a par with Colin Firth gazing adoringly at Eliza Bennet across a room, but it’s a sweet, 80s-tastic scene.

And guess what? Stephanie featured my scene in her post of the winners!! Go and see! Enjoy the young Nicolas Cage with his funny hair.

Stephanie has her own book of romantic adventures coming out this fall – ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS. I can’t wait to read that one, too!

Hmm, I had more to say, but I’m beginning to wind down. I was going to talk about “It Might Get Loud” tonight – which I just finished watching a little while ago. But I’m tired, and I loved it so much I want to do it justice. So I will save that post for another day. But just this: did you guys know that Jimmy Page basically invented the double-necked guitar? While Led Zep were writing “Stairway to Heaven,” he says, “It became a necessity relative to the song.” He needed to go from a quiet acoustic sound to the electric adrenaline rush of the solo without changing guitars … so he had someone build him a double-necked guitar. Wow. I'd like to make a writing analogy, but well ... too tired. Insert your own analogy here.

I've always wished I could write songs. My heart is in fiction, of course, but what a thrill ... to be able to reach across language and culture and time with music.

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