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(Yes, this image is HUGE. I uploaded it to photobucket last night, but today when I went to resize it down, I couldn't log on to photobucket. So ... enjoy the super-size crystal beauty!!!)

A big box from my publisher marked "FRAGILE" was waiting for me when I got home last night. And this piece of gorgeous art was waiting inside, cocooned carefully in layers of bubble wrap.

I'm not sure where I'm going to keep it yet ... for now it's on the piano. I have to figure out a place where it won't ever fall off and break (like in an earthquake!).

I finally figured out how to upload my video speech for the ALA Morris Award ceremony to YouTube so that the image is natural, instead of backwards/mirror image. (I saved it as an mp4 file instead of mov).

Now this speech is actually a "thank you for the nomination" speech - when I recorded it, I had no idea that I'd won. But it ended up working well as an acceptance speech, too. It took me two days and about 12 takes to get it right, but I'm really glad I did it! I memorized all eleven names of the people on the Morris panel, and a lot of those 12 takes were me forgetting or mangling a name. LOL.

Yes, the lighting is weird - which adds to my "shiny" look - and yes, I have chipmunk cheeks. *shrug* A year ago, I never would have posted a 3-minute video that is just MY TALKING HEAD. But once you publish a book, you end up doing all kinds of things that push you outside your comfort zone. Which is actually healthy.

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