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I keep trying to say something about Haiti.

But I’ve got nothing.

It’s a horror show and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Among the tens of thousands of casualties of the earthquake, the U.S. State Department says as many as 5,500 American citizens remain unaccounted for. One of the confirmed dead was a University of Portland graduate, 22-year-old Molly Hightower. She was volunteering in an orphanage.

Most of us can only help by opening our wallets. Before you donate, you might want to make sure your preferred charity has a clean record by checking them at: http://www.charitywatch.org/

The Red Cross is an excellent choice, of course. And fellow author Michelle Zink reminded me that OxFam has an existing operation in Haiti. In fact, the director of OxFam in Haiti “lost her mother in the earthquake a week ago, buried her the next day, and went to work.” I’ve decided to make a donation to this organization.

Throughout my award-y euphoria, the massive tragedy in Haiti was never far from my mind. But my blog is not about current news – thank God! – so we now return to our regularly scheduled content.

It’s the season of awards and “Best of” lists for authors of 2009 books. I’m celebrating with friends who received recognition, and quietly commiserating with those whose books somehow did NOT make a list, even though their books were terrific. I don’t have time to link to all of their books, but I hope you seek them out.

Fellow Deb Saundra Mitchell's book, SHADOWED SUMMER, was nominated for an Edgar Award! Here’s a link to my interview with Saundra last March.

Deb Megan Frazer's book, SECRETS OF TRUTH AND BEAUTY was named to the ALA's Rainbow List for recommended GLBTQ titles, as was Malinda Lo's book, ASH!

Then darling Deb Sarah Rees Brennan's book THE DEMON’S LEXICON appeared on the American Library’s Association’s TOP TEN Best Books for Young Adults, along with Portlander Laini Taylor’s gorgeous LIPS TOUCH: THREE TIMES. Wheee!!!! Both of those books were two of my favorites in 2009, so I’m not a bit surprised to find them on the Top Ten list. Last year’s Top Ten list had another Portlander on it – Christine Fletcher, for her fabulous historical YA, TEN CENTS A DANCE.

Lots of other author buddies’ books appeared on the ALA’s Best Books for Young Adults:

HATE LIST, by Jennifer Brown.
IF I STAY, by Gayle Forman
SAY THE WORD, by Jeannine Garsee
SOUL ENCHILADA, by David Macinnis Gill
HOLD STILL, by Nina LoCour
THE MILES BETWEEN, by Mary Pearson
LAMENT and SHIVER, by Maggie Stiefvater
ONCE WAS LOST, by Sara Zarr

You can find the complete list here.

Then there was carriejones 's jaw-dropping feat: her NY TIMES bestseller debut!!! CAPTIVATE showed up at #7 on the hardcover list, and NEED is #10 for paperbacks! WOW!!!

I've got to get ready for work, but check back later for an Authorial Intrusion with Rhonda Stapleton!
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