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Things I’m Liking

Right this minute:
Kona coffee from my parents.

Earlier this morning:
Even though it’s raining, it’s about 22 degrees warmer than it was this time last week, which makes early morning dog walks more enjoyable. (Although it makes the aroma of Wet Dog more pervasive, as well.)

Robin Benway’s daily musical selections.

I’ve never been good at staying up on new music. Okay, that’s not technically true. When I worked at Warner Bros. Records a million years ago I was listening to music before it was released. So … that was my hip and happenin’ period.

Now I rely on Robin to be my source for cool music. (I’ve only met her once, but that’s the beauty of the Internet … I can stalk her music recommendations without having to pester her via email.) Robin’s taste is very eclectic – she doesn’t just list brand new stuff. For example, yesterday’s song was by Edith Piaf.

Recently she talked about having the song “Roslyn” (by Bon Iver and St. Vincent) stuck in her head all day, and after I listened to it … yep. In my head. Not all day, because I have a short attention span, but long enough. Don’t tell anyone, but I actually bought the “New Moon” soundtrack just to get the song. Shhh. Then I listened to it four times in a row.

This week:
Candlelight and Christmas lights.

We celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas at our house. We sing the blessing over the candles AND we have a Christmas tree. Are we raising a confused kid? Probably. But, well, we do the best we can to honor and respect the heritage of two families in one house.

We gave our son “The Sims” a couple of nights ago, which was on his Christmas list. Heh. Much to my surprise, he started to populate his virtual world with characters from Flash Burnout.

Last month:
Have you read Malinda Lo’s ASH yet? Gor. Geous.

Here’s a little snippet; In this scene, Ash is at her mother’s grave – where she has been forbidden to go because of the risk of the Fairy Hunt seeking out souls on the night after burial:

The ground beneath Ash’s body heaved, and she let out a scream of fright as she felt the world buckle beneath her, earth and stone and moss and root twisting up as if it were clawed by a mighty hand. There was a roaring sound in her ears as the horses surrounded her, and she squeezed her eyes shut, afraid of what she might see. She dug her fingers into the ground, clinging to the earth where her mother lay buried.

And then there was a sudden silence, and in that silence she could hear the breathing of the horses, and the heaving of their lungs, the musical jingle of bit and bridle, and the whisper of voices like silvery bells. She thought she heard someone say, “She is only a child. Let her go.”


Last night:
THE EVERAFTER, by Amy Huntley.

I just came across this lovely line (about girls in a swimming pool at night):

The only sounds we hear are the whorls our limbs make in the water.

And how about this perfect description (about her best friend, who has a crazy mother):

She sometimes looks like a present that’s been professionally wrapped by someone who doesn’t care at all about the gift inside the box.

Nice, right? I love the cover of this book, too. It’s lovely and ethereal on its own … but once you start reading, you realize the image has meaning in the story. Art directors are so clever.

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