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Many Things on Monday


November in my yard.

Sleeping in, and other plans
I’m off work this week – originally we were planning to travel to South Dakota to spend Thanksgiving with my sister and her family. To my dismay, I couldn’t find any airfares we could afford, and we didn’t really want to make the 20-hour drive there and back in winter weather. Sob! I haven’t seen my niece since she was a newborn, and I miss my funny, adorable nephew. Maybe spring break …

So we’re staying in town this week. I’m planning to teach myself how to use PowerPoint (everyone tells me it’s easy), so that when I visit Seaside High School Dec. 4, I will have VISUAL AIDS.

I have lots of great books to read, some emails to answer, an interview to finish, and acknowledgments to write. Oh, and a big old meal to cook on Thursday. (Confession: we’re going to just roast a chicken, since it’s only the three of us. I’ll probably bake a small turkey breast, too … but I don’t feel like wrestling a 12-pound, still-frozen bird in and out of cold baths this year.)

First up on my vacation agenda is seeing New Moon with friends today! I got ready by watching Twilight this weekend. When I asked my 12yo son if he wanted to watch it with me, he said, “The only teen love story movie I want to watch is Flash Burnout.” Aww!

Thanksgiving recipe
One of my best friends, Laureen, is an amazing cook. She’s won a number of recipe contests, and even appeared on the Food Network show “The Ultimate Recipe Challenge.” She was one of FOUR finalists in the 2009 Ultimate Cranberry Recipe Contest (out of thousands of entries)!! Here’s a link to her recipe, Savory Blue Cranberry Shortbread with Caramelized Onion Cranberry Jam. Mmmmm …!

Book recommendation
I finished Allen Zadoff’s FOOD, GIRLS, AND OTHER THINGS I CAN’T HAVE a couple of nights ago. It was as funny as I expected, but also incredibly poignant. I stayed up way past my bedtime because I had to know how things were going to turn out. Fabulous boy book!

Roundup of recent blog interviews (I promise they’ll be done soon!)
Kristina Springer asks me what the naughtiest thing was I did in high school. And of course: my favorite coffee drink.

Jon Skovron asks me to choose between zombies, pirates, robots, and ninjas. Here’s my choice!

Janet MacLeod asks what traumatizing thing happened to me in my teen years.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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