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My lucky Friday the 13th

The wonderful secret about the northern California coast is that sometimes the best weather is in the fall.

Please excuse the quality of the camera-phone photos … but I think they capture the gorgeousness of this day.


Pillar Point Harbor


I walked to the beach at Mavericks.


Then I walked the mandala on my way back to the car.


Half Moon Bay looked especially green today.

I had salmon and chips for lunch, then I wandered down Main Street, battling the impulse to buy several unnecessary-but-cute items. I did succumb to the lure of pumpkin mousse cake.

Now back in my room relaxing. I brought a skirt to wear to Not Your Mother’s Book Club this evening … but I wonder if I could get away with jeans? A skirt says, “It’s not every day I am invited to appear on a panel of five YA authors at a premier West Coast independent bookstore. I will acknowledge this honor by dressing up a little.” But jeans say, “We’re comfortable and cute. She writes for teens, not insurance adjusters!”


Nov. 14th, 2009 01:55 pm (UTC)
Beautiful photos. Looking forward to hearing all about the event. :)