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Warrior Queens

ESPN2 will televise LIVE today and Thursday at 6:30 pm PST, the Little League Girls' Softball World Series - taking place in my very own neighborhood!

If you want to see girl royalty - girls with strong bodies and minds - girls with fierce focus - this is the place.

I wish I could do justice to the sight of these 11- and 12-year-old girls competing with all the intensity they own ... the pitchers winding up and firing their fastballs (I do mean fast - like 50 mph) at the batters.

Would you have the courage it takes to stand and wait for a missile like that?

In between pitches, you can watch a pitcher windmilling her arm around and smacking the ball into her mitt with primitive power and accuracy, giving herself a silent pep talk before the next pitch.

Each batter has her own talismanic set of movements before settling into her stance and staring down that rocket headed her way. She might swing the bat around exactly three times, letting it make contact with her own shoulder each time … she might draw a line in the dirt with her bat … she might hold up a warding-off hand to the pitcher while she glares down at the plate and knocks each shoe into the dirt twice …

The whole experience is hypnotic.

These are our girls. The ones we write for.

I stare, dazzled and enraptured. I want them to win, even though they’re winning right this second and don’t even know it. I want them to keep winning forever … when they have to face mean girls or body image issues or unworthy boys or bad parents or their own pure brilliance.


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