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Thankful Thursday

Attention, librarians!

We Debs are celebrating Teens Read Week – want a chance to win 46 brand new middle grade and young adult novels for your library? Go here for details!

Attention, photographers!

Thanks for all the great photos entered in my contest – I will pick a winner by November 20.

Attention, people with names!

Want your name in my book? Go here for details.

Roundup of recent blog interviews:

Dia Reeves drags all kinds of info out of me.

C. Lee McKenzie asks me which fictional character I wish I could be.

Cindy Pon makes me reveal my crushes.

jbknowles is a writer I greatly admire, and I'm glad I got to talk about her here.

Erin Dionne and I spend time procrastinating.

I’m thankful to be meeting a college friend in Vegas, baby. We’re going to see my boyfriend tomorrow. He has a concert. (See my icon.)

Have a great weekend, friends!
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