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Thankful Thursday

Little things:

A double shadow this morning at 5:30 ... one from the streetlamp behind me, one from the moon overhead.

A surprise gift from a friend - a little silver camera charm on a necklace. I'm going to wear it to my book signing! Thanks, friend. xo

Listening to THE HELP on audiobook. Ever since lisa_schroeder commented that she thought the Southern accents in this book would be wonderful to hear ... I've been looking forward to it. And it's terrific.

Big things:

Eyesight. A blind man with a guide dog sometimes eats at a deli I frequent. His dog has the absolute sweetest face I've ever seen on a dog, including my own doggies. He dotes on her. It gives me a pang to know he can't see that sweet little face.

My son. This time 12 years ago, he was all of eight hours old. *mimble*

Found things:

For a whole day, I thought I had lost my pen.

No, listen: this is the beautiful, weighty, fancy pen I treated myself to when I sold my book. I paid off credit cards and contributed to my son's college fund and did other practical things with my advance money, but the pen was just for me.

So when I thought I lost it, I felt a little sick.

My husband found it on the floor of my car, on the passenger side. HE HAS EARNED MANY REWARDS, AND I AM THANKFUL.

Reminder about the Flash Burnout photo contest:

If you want details, go here. The deadline to enter is midnight, October 19. You could win $50 to the online merchant of your choice!
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