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Post-Conference Blues (I miss my friends!)

It was an honor and a pleasure to spend time with so many talented, passionate, funny people at the SCBWI-LA conference, and I'm planning to post some thoughts about the event soon ... but tonight I need to finish the book I borrowed through Inter-Library Loan. Those people don't like their books to be late!

It's an academic book, so it's a little dry ... but still fascinating. Here's a little sampling of the page I'm on:

" ... The most likely of the possibilities is that the hypogaeum was built as an offering to either Kore or Hera in the guise of Nymphe, or Bride. The combination of nuptial and chthonic themes in cult is, after all, characteristic of Magna Graecia and Sicily, most notably in the case of Persephone, who is at once the archetypal bride and the goddess of the dead."


Just a little light reading.


(Chthonic: pertaining to deities underground)
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