L.K. Madigan (lkmadigan) wrote,
L.K. Madigan

Books and Pie

I'm halfway through Brent Crawford's CARTER FINALLY GETS IT and I totally love it. When I'm reading it in public, my body shakes with "silent but violent" laughter ... which is a spin on a different kind of silent-but-violent affliction that Carter suffers in the book. The running monologue in Carter's head is just as delicious as pie.

One of my teen reader friends has been dutifully working her way through the reading list for her IB English class next year - and they're all such Depressing Literary Works that I can't wait to recommend this book to her as a funny alternative.

Look at these GORGEOUS cherries! Don't they look like they're begging to die as pie?



The pie itself is kind of a jumble ... but it still tastes mighty good. Doesn't that crust look flaky? Mmm ... yes, I thank the Albertsons people for their handy Deep Dish Fill-and-Bake pie crusts!

Now if only Warrant's "She's My Cherry Pie" would get out of my head!!

P.S. Oh! Helpful hint: to get cherry stains out of your clothes, stretch the item over a bowl and pour boiling water on it. Gets rid of the stain like magic and doesn't harm the fabric. :-)

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