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The Unbearable Cuteness of Cheeping

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Baby #1: Man, it’s hot.
Baby #2: You know, you’re quite the conversationalist.
Baby #3: You’re standing on my head, guys. Again.

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Baby #1: I’m hungry.
Baby #2: Me, too. I’ve noticed that every time we open our mouths, Mom or Dad puts food inside. Oh! Oh! Here she comes!
Baby #3: Guys. A little help here?

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Baby #1: Mooovve! You’re in my way! Hey, where’d she go? Mommm!!!
Baby #2: What the —?!!
Baby #3: See? It’s not very nice when people push, is it?

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Baby #1: Thank goodness you came back! I was ready to jump, I swear.
Baby #2: I’m going to peck your tail feathers if you don’t move.
Baby #3: (muffled)

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Baby #1: Mmm … grubs … my favorite. I was getting a little tired of seeds. Yummy. I’m ready for a nap now.
Baby #2: Is that human taking pictures of us again? She's like a stalker! It’s kind of sad. You know, I think she’s just avoiding her Work-in-Progress. She should call it her Work Stalled. (Snerk.)
Baby #3: Hey. Could you vomit up some of those grubs for me?
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