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Art, Outings, and Stones


Howzit goin’?

I’m in a good mood, because a) it’s my sister’s birthday - happy birthday, Peepee! and b) BAM is going well. My plan to spend more time in my Real Life instead of my Laptoppy Life is actually succeeding!

I went to the Portland Art Museum Sunday to see an exhibit that is making only one US appearance … in Portland!

It’s French Painting in the Time of Madame de Pompadour.* There were lots of pink cheeks and dimpled bottoms and nipples peeping coyly out of dresses. Lots of angels and cherubs and cupids.

But it wasn’t all rococo madness. There was one artist – Fragonard – who painted a dark scene of washerwomen in which the most lovely yellow spot of color, strategically placed in the center of the canvas, is the actually the upturned bottom of a laundress. Sly 18th century dog! You can see it here.

I took a (non-flash) photo of this painting by Jean Baptiste Marie Pierre, “The Abduction of Europa.” I had forgotten the myth of Europa – that’s the one in which Zeus turns himself into a tame bull to entice her onto his back. (Oh Zeus, you crazy, fickle, shape-shifting menace!) Then he plunges into the sea with her, and carries her to Crete, where she becomes Queen.


It looks like Zeus had some help from a giant fish and a merman.

After the visit to the museum, I forced invited my son to join me in making steppingstones. (Hey, I didn’t make him come with me to the museum!)

So it was a successful day of OUTINGS and ART.

I’m adding another prize to the contest giveaway – these cute little Debo keychains, which are part of a limited edition series of “Making sure you always have a working pen within reach” superheroes. INORITE?! So cute and helpful! I bought enough to let each of my three winners pick which one they want.


There’s something very satisfying about juxtaposing this crazy, colorful Japanimation-looking toy with the very French classical painting above.

So here are the rules of the contest again, briefly:

1) Do some RL stuff during the month of May that you would not normally do, because you’re busy hanging out in cyberspace.

2) Take a picture of said RL stuff, as proof that you got up from your chair, left the orbit of your Interwebz, and did it. With some kind of time stamp or sign that tells me you did it in May 2009.

3) Post it on your blog, or email me the photo, if you can’t post photos on your blog. (lkmadigan [at] gmail {dot} com)

At the end of May, I will pick winners in the categories of ART, OUTINGS, and PEOPLE.

You get rewarded for getting out of your rut!

Prizes will include books, Moonstruck chocolates, a pen guardian superhero, and maybe even an ARC of my book. (OMG, I just went to the Moonstruck site, and their home page made me drool. Literally. Saliva just flooded my mouth.)

Let’s see, what else?


(Maybe too much coffee this morning?)

I think that's all for now. Okay, I'm going.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Edited to add: If you want a copy of my ARC, and you don't want to do BAM, you can bid on it at the auction for Bridget Zinn .

* When I was trying to explain to my son who Madame de Pompadour was, I found myself saying, “Remember that Doctor Who episode about Madame de Pompadour?” “No.” “Remember? The Girl in the Fireplace?” “No.” “Remember? There were those freaky robots with the white wigs?” “No.” (Doctor Who gets up to some bizarre plotlines, doesn’t it?) After my pop culture reference, I did try to describe her in a more historically accurate way. :-)
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