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The kindness of strangers

Have you met Bridget yet?

I met her a few months ago at Rosanne Parry’s book signing.

She was beaming – she had a phone call scheduled with an agent in the morning. “He told me he was in love with my book,” she said. “In love with it!”

Her excitement was palpable. I was so happy for her – I remember the nervous thrill of talking with an agent for the first time. “Be sure and tell us how it goes,” I said.

Days after that book signing, Bridget was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer.

She’s 31.

Her story is here.

Jone MacCulloch, a Portland librarian, has coordinated a silent auction to raise money for Bridget. You can learn more here. There are some wonderful items up for bid, including critiques by published children’s authors, signed books, original art, vacation getaways, and jewelry.

If you would rather make a direct donation than bid on an item, please contact Bridget’s good friend, Georgia Beaverson. Her email address is: greenlinnet [at] charter {dot} net.

Just think: if everyone reading this blog sent $5, Bridget’s fund would have $25 more! Haha – no, seriously: anything you can spare will help. Cancer, aside from being an ugly blight on humanity, is expensive.

Thank you.

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