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Six Things on a Saturday

Thank you, New York Stock Exchange, for closing down on Good Friday every year. I went on a date with my honey yesterday. We went to lunch, then a movie – “I Love You, Man.” (I know, but we didn’t want anything serious. Paul Rudd does awkward so, so well.)

“People don’t read fiction for information. They read it for emotion.”
Sinclair Lewis

Whatever you may think of the Twilight series, there is no denying that those books are PACKED FULL, squashed down, then PACKED EVEN TIGHTER until they’re bursting at the seams … with emotion.

I was reminded of that while I watched the movie.

It’s not just the cold, sparkly vampire love, it’s the intensity of emotion that brings readers back for more.

In six months, my book will be born. I hope people like it, but I know many will NOT, because that’s the nature of art. Some people like primary colored cubes and others prefer pastel impressionist paintings. I’m mentally prepared for bad reviews. After all, lots of people rejected this book before someone said, YES.

But one thing I know for sure: I write with emotion. Even my critics cannot deny that.



I haven’t posted any photos lately, so I ventured out with my camera. I like the blurred camellias in the background of this spring bud, with its filament of spiderweb clinging to it.


Our state flower, the Oregon grape, a brash yellow surrounded by prickly leaves.


This magnolia always makes me think, “frowsy.” But in a charming way … as if the flowers have been out dancing, and their dresses are limp from the exertion.


I wish I could remember what these flowers are. Once they bloom, I’ll post another photo, and maybe someone can tell me! I love how the shoots look like snakes growing out of the ground.

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Happy Easter and Passover!
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