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A City Girl's Version of Nature

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Baby #1: Man, it’s hot.
Baby #2: It’s like Africa hot.
Baby #3: Guys, you’re standing on my head.

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Baby #1: I’m hungry.
Baby #2: Me, too. Maybe if we just open our mouths while we’re sitting here, someone will put food in it. Like we’re Hiltons, or something.
Baby #3: I’m hungry, too! Would you move?

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Baby #1: Hungry! Hungry!
Baby #2: Hungry! Hungry!!
Baby #3: Get the $&*% out of my way!

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Dad Bird: Look at that human lurking inside the glass door. Doesn’t she have anything better to do than stand around with a camera? Get a life, human!

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Baby #1: Oh! Oh! No fair!!
Baby #2: Num-num-num …
Baby #3: I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!

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Baby #3: Wait! Don’t go! I didn’t get any!
Dad Bird: Chill out, little naked-headed dude. I’ll be back with more. So will Mom. All. Day. Long …
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