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Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful for GALLEYS!

They arrived yesterday evening, and there was a perfect little detail on the page after the title page that I didn’t know the designer was going to add … and it just happens to be a tiny piece of art in the shape of an item I contributed to the Debs’ Giveaway packages. Wavelength!

This has been a challenging week.

I don’t care how many Geniuses tell me it was a coincidence that my hard drive decided to crash at the exact same time I started migrating data (from old laptop to new) … I have to think there’s a connection. Otherwise the universe is just too uncertain. :-0

Did you know that if they (Apple) replace your hard drive, they don’t want to give you the old one? Apparently they can get a couple of bucks “on the back end,” if they rehab the drive.

I didn’t have to get loud with them … I was politely vehement that that drive, with all its lost-but-possibly-recoverable data belonged to me. Wisely, the manager decided to let me have it.

The tech on duty, who seemed reluctant to part with that piece of metal – which means nothing to him and quite a lot to me – asserted that data recovery costs “a couple thousand dollars.”

Not so.

Not at MacForce here in Portland, anyway. Their attempt to recover data is $80. If they’re successful, it can run as high as $300.

But it’s not ‘thousands,’ and I’m not sure why someone would try to talk me out of even trying to recover MY FILES. What … do the techs get $5 for every drive they send to rehab?


I email my manuscripts to myself, so those are safe, but I have lots of notes and research that’s just – poof! – gone.

I fail FAIL FAIL because the last time I backed up my hard drive was … June!

Do you know the reason for that prolonged failure?

I couldn’t remember where I hid the external drive.


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