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Authorial Intrusion - Jenny Moss

I’m delighted to host my fellow debut author, Jenny Moss, today on Authorial Intrusion.

Winnie’s War is a middle grade novel set against the backdrop of the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918.

Life in Winnie's sleepy town of Coward Creek, Texas, is just fine for her. Although her troubled mother's distant behavior has always worried Winnie, she's plenty busy caring for her younger sisters, going to school, playing chess with Mr. Levy, and avoiding her testy grandmother. Plus, her sweetheart Nolan is always there to make her smile when she's feeling low. But when the Spanish Influenza claims its first victim, lives are suddenly at stake, and Winnie has never felt so helpless. She must find a way to save the people she loves most, even if doing so means putting her own life at risk.

Jenny Moss - jenny_moss - is a former NASA engineer. She earned a master's degree in literature and taught writing as an adjunct at University of Houston-Clear Lake. Winnie's War is her first novel. She lives with her two teenagers in Houston, Texas.

Thai food or Chinese?
Thai! Yum.

Advice for writers in 5 words or less.
Write, if you love it.

What are you reading right now?
NEED by Carrie Jones.

Favorite movie snack.
Milk Duds & diet coke (altho -- since that costs like $100 at the movies now, I'm trying to cut back).

Camping or four-star hotel?

Ocean or lake?

First car?
Pinto station wagon.

Snorkeling or skiing?

First job?
Day care worker.

Favorite pie?

Your five favorite movies (or at least the ones I've watched the most):
Notting Hill, You've Got Mail, Shakespeare in Love, Pride and Prejudice (BBC), Persuasion.

Favorite childhood Halloween costume?
We didn't have costumes, so Mom stapled newspaper on our arms and legs so we could go as monsters, or robots. I'm not sure what we were.

Thanks for indulging our curiosity, Jenny!

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