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Authorial Intrusion - Writing Advice in 5 Words or Less - 2008

I got an unexpected present in the mail today - lucky me!

In the spirit of writerly gifts, I offer words of wisdom (five or less, to be exact) from children’s authors who graciously allowed me to intrude on their time this year.

This is the second annual roundup of minimalist advice. Here's last year's. Enjoy!

E.M. Crane:
Leave your house and observe.

Adam Rex:
The secret is to always –

Cynthia Leitich Smith:
Don’t freak out. Keep going!

Melissa Marr:
Everything is subjective.

Varian Johnson:
Enjoy successes – even small ones.

Lisa Schroeder:
Experiment. Play. Follow your heart.

Christine Fletcher:
Butt in chair.

Cecil Castellucci:
Don’t be precious.

Sean Beaudoin:
Start Writing Right This Second.

Candie Moonshower:
Read. Rethink. Rework. Rewrite.

Terri Fields:
Don’t give up! Revise!

Kate Messner:
Sit back down. Try again.

Cynthia Lord:
Don’t flinch before the truth.

Elise Broach:
Write fearlessly, frequently, and joyfully.

Eric Luper:
Read your work out loud.

Amanda Marrone:
Never stop believing.

Ann Dee Ellis:
Eat candy let it go.

S.A. Bodeen:
Do not ever give up.

Thanks, authors!

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