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Booky Jeopardy!

It was extra-exciting to stop by Annie Bloom’s Books this evening to pick up my pre-ordered copy of lisa_schroeder’s new book, FAR FROM YOU. As I looked for a parking space, I heard honking, glanced to my left, and saw a car skidding down the hill toward me, a look of horror on the driver’s face. I gasped and veered into a snowbank to avoid him.

Chains, people.

Or studded tires.


“But I’ve got four wheel drive, I can go anywhere.”

I’m guessing that’s what the guy with the out-of-control car said confidently, just before he started skidding toward my minivan.

Somehow he didn’t hit me, I drove out of the snowbank with my trusty chains, and found a parking space. Whew! Because dealing with a dented car the day before Christmas Eve would've been the opposite of fun.

Back to the book!

I've read FAR FROM YOU ... but not in its final form. So much happens during the revision process. I really can't wait to read the book!

And now ...


Wisteria in summer (a couple of years ago).


Wisteria in winter (this morning).

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