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Books, Belts, and Other Breathless News

Which book should I start next?

I’ve got three waiting for me. (Well, I’ve got more than three waiting for me, but these are the top contenders.) Tell you what … I’ll read you the first four lines of each:

He didn’t know how long he’d been clinging there. Long enough for the bone-cold water to drive the feeling from his legs. Long enough for his fingers to tire of holding his head above water. Somewhere in the distance, the eerie wail of the hounds quickened his heartbeat.

“Please tell me what to do,” I whisper, staring at the crucifix on the wall. “Is there any other way to get out of here right now without telling a lie? Could you just give me a sign to let me know? Maybe blink your eyes or nod your head or something?”

On the eve of Lucy Scarborough’s seventh birthday, after the biggest party the neighborhood had seen since, well, Lucy’s sixth birthday, Lucy got one last unexpected gift. It was a handwritten letter from her mother – her real mother, Miranda. It was not a birthday letter, or at least, not one in the usual sense. It was a letter from the past, written by Miranda to her daughter before Lucy was born, and it had been hidden in the hope that Lucy would find it in time for it to help her.

You may already know which books these opening lines are from, and you can vote, too. But if you don’t know which books these are from, which one would you start, based on those first few sentences?

I really want to know who’s clinging where, and why the hounds are after him, in the first excerpt. But I’m also curious why the narrator in the second excerpt has to lie to escape her situation. And what help does Lucy need, and what happened to her mother?

Leave your vote in the comments.

I earned my purple belt last night in tae kwon do. It was very satisfying.

In other news, way to go, crime-fighting other Lisa Madigan!!

For days, breathless newscasters have been talking about the “snowstorm” which is supposed to blow into town tonight. We’re likely to get 2 – 4 inches! Haha! Um, those of you in the icy Northeast, does that qualify as a snowstorm? My son is excited. We stocked up on groceries and movies, in the exciting event we get snowed in for, say, a whole day.

I was lazy today and didn't do any writing. But I pounded out many words yesterday, and will dive back in tomorrow.

Happy weekend, friends!

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