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Wednesday Links of Wonder (hee, Sara!)

6:30 already?


Must get ready for work.

I had things I wanted to say, but I don’t have time, so I’m editing down to the most important three!

First of all, FREE BOOKS!!!!!

The Feast of Awesome is giving away a $25 gift certificate to Powell’s Books, right here in my hometown. You don’t have to live here to redeem the cert, though. (Hee!) Go here for details and HURRY! - the deadline is tonight:


Also, you should check out Cynthea Liu's AuthorsNow! for all kinds of debut-booky-goodness!

Okay, one more link of something to make you feel good – dogs greeting their owner after he returns from 14 months in Iraq. Wahhh! (No, not me. I didn’t cry. ((Much.)) DH did, though. :-) )


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