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Thanks for all the enthusiastic comments about my cover. I look at it every day and I just keep loving it.

I read the National Book Award winner – Judy Blundell’s WHAT I SAW AND HOW I LIED. It was so good. I couldn’t wait to get home from work last night to finish it.

The flap copy says, "Under a pen name, [Judy Blundell] has written many New York Times best-selling novels."

O rly?

Who is she when she's pseudonymous?

I finished the first part of my JoNoWriMo goals: rewrite a middle grade fantasy to YA. Whew. I seriously underestimated the scope of that job. Everything had to change: dialogue, tone, language, voice, character development. You point to a sentence in the manuscript, and it has probably changed in some way. And I’m still not done. It will need surgery and then some deep-tissue massage.

But I want to work on my contemporary YA now. The second part of my JoNoWriMo goal was to add 20,000 words to that WIP, and I’ve only added 8000. I wonder if I can add 12,000 words in five days? The MC is talking to me, so that’s good. He really wants to talk about the ending right now, though. He’s muddled in the middle of his story. I guess I will follow him and listen.

I watched The Holiday over the weekend. It was so much better than I thought it would be! It looked totally formulaic, but there were enough little surprises in the story to keep it fresh. Plus HELLO: Jude Law. And I thought Jack Black would be an bull in a china shop in that role, but he managed to stay in character 80% of the time. It’s a nice escapist movie for this time of year. Some of the characters are writers, too. Fun.

So I’ve got the turkey.

He’s chillin in the fridge now, instead of the freezer.

I’ve got the stuffing ingredients, and the potatoes. But I have to confess, I bought pre-made pies. Not only that, I bought canned cranberry sauce. And … (lowers voice) … I’m not even making candied yams this year.

I’m just not feeling Thanksgiving this year. And how on earth is Christmas exactly one month from today? Election year excitement and collapsing financial markets have kept me distracted, I guess. I always have to work the day after Thanksgiving, too, which makes it hard to relax.

I am looking forward to a nice, quiet turkey day, though. Just my boys and me. Maybe while the real boys are watching football, I will talk to my fictional boy.

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