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Friday Five

Before I go any further, I would just like to thank Michael Phelps for being the lean, clean, swimming machine that he is … all sculpted and intense and mantastic and beautiful and meriting a lot of Internet research in my spare time.

I officially hate Kenley. How mean to laugh at Daniel while he was being eviscerated by the judges! Whatever you think about his taste, or lack thereof, she didn’t need to kick him when he was down.

My baby niece is adorable, and divides her time between eating, sleeping, and studying faces with almost unnerving calm. She tried to tell me things about her land, but I don’t speak New-on-Earth, so her secrets must remain with her. And like all babies, by the time she speaks our language, she will have forgotten the secrets.

My toddler nephew is golden and smart and certain. He likes “deez daysa-deeyas” (cheese quesadillas) and “yuv-yee nacks” (lovely snacks). We went to the San Francisco Zoo, just the two of us, and had a terrific time. The “deem enden” (steam engine) was his favorite part of the experience … bubbles came out near the end of the ride. It was Big Righty’s first time in a pair of tennis shoes in three weeks. He did okay, but he was happy to get home and go commando.

This is for my land-locked friends.

This was the section of beach outside my window while I visited my sister. They’re renting a beach house for the last few months before they move to South Dakota, which made my visit that much more awesome. I filmed a couple minutes of pure ocean to last me awhile, because who knows when I will get back to Half Moon Bay?

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