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Thankful Thursday

I am thankful for dreams beginning to take root. They’re not just seeds, waiting, anymore. Their shells have split. Roots are curling out. They will flower in the fullness of time.

One root that has taken firm hold is my membership in the group debut2009. I get to hang around online with a bunch of amazing writers!

I mean, yes, I’ve already been hanging around online with a bunch of amazing writers. Hi to all of you!

But now I’m a peer. I belong to a group of middle grade and young adult authors whose first book is coming out in 2009.


(Sorry … sometimes it still does feel like a dream, then a scream escapes me.)

We ask questions and cheer and commiserate in locked posts. It’s a community dedicated more to support than promotion.

We have begun posting unlocked entries about the writing life. Here you can learn about how we got “from there to here.”

Happy Thursday, everyone.
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